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Sunday, 05 May 2013 07:04
ah1The African Hope Learning Centre is a School for refugees, set up in Cairo. It has about 500 students who have escaped civil war and related problems in a variety of African countries. Last year they ran their first chess tournament, which we reported on here. This spring saw their second tournament. Our thanks to Lim Nan for the report that follows. There is also a video/photo slide at You tube: - enjoy!

More are in the fight!

Since the introduction of chess in school, our weekly attendance has been steadily rising. We now average about 20 students. Last year, we had 12 participants for the competition, of which two were girls.

This year, we had 22 of which five were girls! The participants were mainly from South Sudan, Congo and Eritrea.

Some of our students were first-timers and had only started to learn chess in the last few months. It was amazing to see their problem-solving skills in action (hmm…how do I co-ordinate my pieces to attack and overcome the enemy king?) (Nyamal: the girl on the right in 
the foreground of the picture above).

Thuc, deep in thought & David-Muzamil (board 2 from round 4).

ah4This position appeared in the game Yokwan (white) & Kelly (black).

Here’s a brief analysis of the position:
Black is ready to queen his c –pawn. However the white bishop is guarding the square. White has connected pawns on the kingside & an extra piece. How should white continue?

Give a check on the 6th rank & grab the a-pawn. Give up his bishop for the c-pawn=queen & then push his pawns.

However, that didn’t happen. Black managed to change off bishops & queen his pawn! Such is chess and life.
And the medal winners…
1st: Kelly David
2nd: Yokwan Odhok
Best Middle Sch. Prize: Thuc Benjamin
2nd Middle Sch. Prize: Muzamil Zuma & David James
Best Female Prize: Asma Roberts
2nd Female prize: Roheya


The competition Organizer & Arbiter was Lim Nan, assisted by Christy Chew, George Issac & Hiroki Gomi. 

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