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Wednesday, 24 June 2015 18:00
cupa moldoveiOur national coordinator for Romania is Vlad Ungureanu and he sent us this report.

During the winter, working with the Ministry of Education, we prepared more than 1300 teachers and we hope to reach 3000 teachers this year. Our team is not so big but we try to do many good things. Every day I have 120 calls from all over the country!

We provided 3000 chess sets, demo boards and official books, initially for 500 schools.

The photo above is from the Moldova Cup.

In my city, Iasi, we prepared more than 200 teachers and in our county we have one mini chess in school circuit between villages and small towns and, of course, Iasi (400,000 inhabitans): every 2 weeks there is a chess tournament with more than 100 kids with the final in May in Iasi. Also we prepared a chess county commission with teachers, not trainers, and we try to involve them in all chess events. This is for Iasi and we try to do the same in all the counties.
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All over the the country there are many chess tournaments for kids but there is not very good coordination. So, we want to re-organize our national CIS Commission at RCF with trainers from all the regions (there are 8) and to make a new one with 41 members - only teachers, one for every county. All these teachers will coordinate events from their respective counties, to make a CiS calendar for a year, to promote on Facebook, Twitter and similar, as well as local media.

ema obada-campioana nationalaEma OBADA, National Girls u10 Champion olinici ecaterina-medaliata lanationaleEcaterina OLINICI - National Youth Ch. medalist

It's very nice what happens these days in Romania with CiS and we hope we already made big steps to introduce chess into all the schools in Romania. We started with 500, but we now have almost 8,000. 

Many thanks to Mr. Sorin Iacoban - president of RCF and Ion Serban Dobronauteanu - deputy vicepresident of ECU who are involved a lot in these developments. 

We are now trying to start a new Erasmus Plus project with a school from England because the biggest school in Iasi has 1500 kids and they all have one hour of chess per week.

We have also organized a big chess international tournament for CiS, the Moldova Cup, a semi-final of the National Championship with 140 players and the second edition of the Iasi Open, with €25,000 in prizes.

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