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Monday, 22 May 2017 17:40
chess academy of armenia logoChess: Education and Research is new from the Chess Research Institute set up at the Armenian State Pedagogical University. You can find out more about the Chess Research Institute here. The first issue of their journal, Chess: Science and Education, will appear soon.

Do investigate the Armenian “Chess in schools” program's website where you can find comprehensive information about the CIS program.

Grandmaster Smbat Lputian, head of the Chess Academy of Armenia, writes: 'I would like to mention that the website comprises a full package of the information about the preliminary stage of the program implementation. You can also find there the detailed description of the Armenian unique path while turning into reality the idea of chess inclusion in the primary school curriculum.'

'In the first section of the website you can read about "The Education Standards" of our CIS program as well as you will find there my short interview about the program.'

'Taking into account the fact that Armenia is the very first country that included chess in the school curriculum in 2011, I would like to emphasize that on our long way one of the main problems was the creation of the teaching materials. That’s why we decided to share the opinion of our chess-textbook experts as well. Hence, you can follow the section “Textbook creation process”.'

'Last but not the least:  in one of the biggest sections of the website, that has the following headline: “Researchers”, you can find the interviews conducted by our specialist with the researchers of “Chess educational research center", among whom are included experienced and professional chess methodologists, psychologists, sociologists, as well as specialists who work with children with special educational needs.'

'Our website will be updated frequently and we will share with you new approaches and research results of chess teaching in primary schools accomplished by our specialists.' 
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