FIDE & Spanish Federation & IberoAmerican Federation working together
Wednesday, 15 November 2017 22:25
In 2015 FIDE, FEDA (the Spanish Chess Federation) and FIBDA (Federación Iberoamericana de Ajedrez) began working together to make available a course combining the Spanish Federation's Docente ('Teacher') course together with FIDE's School Instructor title.

That work came to fruition this year and four courses (all in Spanish language) have been held:

Online (ONL1) 4-6 August - 29 candidates almost all from South and Latin America.

Corrientes (ARG1) 29 September-1 October with 22 candidates almost all from Argentina.

Buenos Aires (ARG2) 3-6 October with 13 candidates all from Argentina.

Online (ONL2) 3-5 November with 23 candidates almost all from 6 South and Latin American countries.

The next will be in Benidorm, Spain during the 16th International Chess Festival at the Gran Hotel Bali. Unusually, this will be in English as well as Spanish. See the later announcement for details.
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