Bachelor Degree (chess) at Armenia State Pedagogical University (ASPU)
Saturday, 24 February 2018 16:18
aspuUnder the direct leadership of the Communist Party of Armenia in 1920-1922 the subject of "Physical Education and Education" became mandatory, which contributed to the development and improvement of the physical, military education of the population, in particular the youth.

On November 7, 1922, the Pedagogical Faculty of the University was separated and became an independent pedagogical institute. In 1941, at the Pedagogical Institute, he was a Chair of Military Studies, a subject of physical education, and in 1943 was organized an independent department of physical education.

In January 1944, at the pedagogical institute, Faculty of Physical Education and Upbringing was organized, in 2011 the Chair was renamed into Chess and Sports.

Since 2011, chess has been included in the curriculum of the 2-4th grades of general education schools as a compulsory subject. 2011-2012 After the successful completion of the academic year, the ASPU Rectorate invited an invitation to organize chess training at the University Sport Department, headed by the founder and president of the Armenian Chess Academy, led by international grandmaster Smbat Lputyan.

By incorporating chess into the Elementary School, it became clear that the learning effectiveness would increase if elementary class teachers also had chess knowledge and could also teach this subject. The beginning of cooperation between ASPU and the Armenian Chess Academy was marked by the fact that in 2012-2013 the chess subject was taught at the Faculty of Primary Education.

aspu2The students of the Elementary Education Pedagogy Department, future professors, began to study the subject of "Chess". As a result of collaboration, the Pedagogical University provided the first generation of teachers who successfully started teaching chess in grades 2-4 of the general schools in Yerevan and the regions of Armenia.

For the purpose of more coordinated implementation of the work carried out by psychologists, sociologists, educators, chess methodologists and specialists in the field of inclusive education at the ASPU in early 2015, the Center for Educational Chess was opened in ASPU with the support of the State Committee for Science, has recorded tangible results.

"Chess at School" in Yerevan in 2014 and International Conferences on "Theoretical and Practical Issues of Chess Education in the School" in Tsakhkadzor in 2014 will be considered periodic reports summarizing the current achievements of Chess in School with ASPU, the specialists shared their achievements with the Armenian and foreign partners on the results of their research.


In order to prepare skilled chess teachers who will engage in chess education in elementary schools of the Republic of Armenia, they will be able to share their experiences with their foreign colleagues who are eager to involve chess in the school program, according to the Government Decision 2017-2018 , at ASPU Bachelor's Degree, Chess "specialty.

An important place in the work of the Department of Chess and Sport is the physical education of students and their health promotion. There are 5 sports divisions, table tennis, basketball, volleyball, chess and football. students take part in republican student sports games.

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A new specialty – Chess - was introduced at Armenian State Pedagogical University for the academic year 2017-18.

In addition to submitting the score of the school graduation examination in Mathematics (written) or Armenian Language (written), applicants must also take a unified state examination in Armenian Language and Literature (written) or Mathematics (written).

Chess has been taught at the Faculty of Primary Educatison as a separate subject since the academic year 2012-13.

As a result of cooperation between the ASPU and Chess Academy of Armenia, the University had the first generation of chess teachers who successfully began teaching chess to pupils from the 2nd to 4th grades both in Yerevan and all regions of the country. 
Upon completing training, chess teachers were granted the right to teach the subject: some of them do not have the relevant education, while others are graduates of the relevant department of Yerevan State Institute of Physical Culture but need a teaching degree.

To solve the problem and to educate and prepare a literate generation of chess teachers, the ASPU offers a four-year Bachelor's degree programme.

Talking to, Samvel Misakyan, a lecturer at the Chair of Chess and Sports, said when introducing the new subject and developing the curriculum they took into consideration the experience and list of subjects at Armenian and Russian universities. “We have a well-developed and saturated curriculum which brings together the successful experience of leading universities,” he stressed.

Samvel Misakyan thinks it would be better if the graduates received qualification of form masters/chess teachers [in primary schools] as form masters have the required knowledge and skills to work with that age group. At the same time, he says that the University’s leadership has done everything to make sure that future specialists [in chess] are taught by leading professors of the University.
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