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Saturday, 18 May 2019 10:15
2019avcflyer42kThe Armenian Virtual College chess courses are starting in July.

If you know anyone, especially school teachers, who needs to acquire the basics, then this is ideal.
All courses are completely free
Each course has a mentor to help you and there is also a forum for the learners. 

There are 5 courses, all in English:
First Level - Basic (parts 1&2)
Second Level - Intermediate (parts 1&2)
Third Level - Advanced (part 1)

Details of the first three are given below:
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Courses start on 22 July and run until 24 September.
Enrolment is open until 1 July.

Here is the enrolment page:

Details of the syllabus for the first three courses are available here: avcchesspp99-107.pdf
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