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World Schools Championship
Tuesday, 17 April 2012 15:42
The World Schools Championship, now in its 8th edition, is in Iasi, Romania. The tournament starts on 28 April and runs until 6 May. 531 children from 36 countries will be playing.

Iasi ("Yash" also known as Jassy or Iassy) is a real chess city. This year it is European City of Sport. The photo shows one of the many chess events in progress. Their many projects include: "Chess in the Kindergartens" (45 kindergartens, 2500 children), "Chess in Schools" (25 schools, another 2500 children), "Chess in neighbourhoods”  (500 chess enthusiasts get together twice a year in local neighbourhoods), ...

You can visit the tournament web site:
and you can read more here:
ECU CiS - Good news, bad news
Friday, 09 March 2012 17:06
ecu_cis_epThe ECU's Chess in School campaign at the European Parliament is reaching its climax. If you don't know about the campaign, you can read about it here or on the ECU site.

Good news 

The deadline for MEPs to sign the declaration is just a few days away (March 15), but 377 MEPs have already signed up. Only 3 more are needed, although it is hoped that more than 400 will have signed by the end of Thursday.

Bad news 

Well, disappointing news rather than really bad. It had been thought that the requisite number of signatures would see the Chess in School programme adopted Europe wide, almost automatically. However a recent comment on ChessBase News is a bit of a let-down.

Algeria - developments
Thursday, 01 March 2012 07:43
On 21-22 February the FIDE President had a working visit to the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria. During the meeting with the National Education Minister Mr. Aboubekeur Benbouzid the FIDE President discussed the introduction of chess in schools.

alg_minister_of_education_2 Pilot projects began more than a year ago. The Minister, who has about 20 years' experience, said that he is ready to support the project. It was agreed that in the nearest future an agreement on cooperation between FIDE, the Ministry of National Education and the Algerian chess federation will be signed. Mr. Benbouzid asked FIDE to assist in the organization of chess seminars and the provision of methodological support, assisting training of trainers and teachers and allowing the workers of the Ministry to learn from the positive experience of other countries. Kirsan Ilyumzhinov promised that Mr. Ali Nihat Yazici, the President of the Turkish chess federation and the Chairman of Chess in Schools Commission will visit Algeria to discuss the plan. 

African Continental President Lakhdar Mazouz, Minister Aboubekeur Benbouzid, Mme Taous Ameyar, FIDE President.

NEW FIDE web sites - Resources for federations, lots for kids
Tuesday, 24 January 2012 16:12
Federations, do you want more resources? Parents, do you want your children to play chess?
Children, do you want a rating? Do you want to be on the same ladder as World Champion Anand?

Student Member web site - NEW - in 9 languages  At register children for educational material and monthly newsletter - FREE


Premium Student Member web site - NEW - in 9 languages At upgrade to Premium for just 10 euros - kids get RATING and much more


Please take a closer look (especially federation officials) at the CiS Manifesto and Roadmap (click on Read More to read it here or download it) to find answers to your questions: What is Student Membership? How will your federation benefit?

Gens Una Sumus, We Are One Family
   our children are our future! 

Chess in Schools – Australia
Friday, 23 December 2011 20:35

Graeme Gardiner ( has, at our request, sent us an overview of Chess in Schools ‘Down Under’. Zone President Brian Jones provided some additional links.

aus_chessactivityIn Australia, it appears to me that the governing body, the Australian Chess Federation, is happy to administer chess in Australia, and also happy to leave the development of chess to the commercial organisations. Historically, chess in schools in Australia was largely dependent upon the odd volunteer parent or teacher. A school might have a great programme for a period whilst the volunteer was involved, but as soon as they went, the programme invariably collapsed. Since 1995 a whole group of commercial organizations have evolved. As commercial organisations have a vested interest, chess in schools is going to continue to grow well into the future.

There is some sign that the Australian Chess Federation, through its state affiliates, is able to benefit to some degree through working with the commercial organisations. The Australian Chess Federation has an official inter-schools competition, with each state holding a series of regional competitions, state finals, each providing a state winner to compete at the national finals. Some commercial organisations like to compete with this and hold their own comps, and others pay a licence fee for the right to run the official qualifying competitions.

Around Australia there are approximately 10,000 schools, and in the main population areas I suspect that there is a similar level of market penetration. I suspect that there is some kids of regular chess coaching programme in around 600-1,000 schools in Australia. In Queensland there are approximately 2,000 schools, and Gardiner Chess provide ongoing chess coaching services each week in around 120 of them.

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