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Tuesday, 01 March 2011 10:48
Slovakia is in pole position to be the first federation to introduce chess in schools as one of our special projects.

The Board of the Slovak Federation invited CIS Chairman, Ali Nihat Yazici, to make a presentation and discuss with them the potential for a FIDE-CIS special project in their country.

Presentation_p1The SVK01 presentation slovakia_21_01_2011.pdf (1.86mb) is available for viewig or download (as a pdf - much smaller file size - pptx is 8.6mb). The presentation discusses the aims and benefits of a chess in schools programme, goes into detail about what a successful implementation has done for the Turkish federation, how that was achieved and concludes with an outline for Slovakia.

Discussions continued apace and the federation is now making preparations to introduce one or more CIS100 modules this year, with teacher training in the late summer and roll out of chess classrooms as the new school year starts in the early autumn.

The minutes of their last Board meeting state: Gustav Šturc, člen VV SŠZ, informoval, ţe  hlavným rozvojovým projektom  Slovenského šachového zväzu bude pripravovaný projekt „Šach na školách“.
English translation:Gustav Šturc, a member of ESA SP, informs you that the main development projects of Slovak Chess Association will be forthcoming project "Chess in Schools".

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