FIDE Student Ratings - now live
Wednesday, 04 April 2012 20:43
The Student Rating System went live recently. Slovenian players are powering ahead, but maybe that is because Slovenia is so far the only country to rate their players' games.

Any and all games that involve at least one player with a Student Rating can be rated - the more the better. There are no fees payable for rating Student Member games. Games are rated immediately that they are entered into the system. The games are entered by project coordinators.

We want you to have as many of your games rated as possible. They don't have to be played in official tournaments, with clocks. Members can have any school games rated, but for that it is necessary to find a teacher who is prepared to enter the results.

If you are a Premium Student Member (€ 10 per year membership at, you get an initial rating right away. Go to the Rating page on the psm web site (access is restricted to Premium Student Members only) and you can select whatever group you want to see on the ladder.

Here you can see the top of the ladder for Under-10s. 

And here is a different view: 

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