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Any federation that wants to collaborate with FIDE CIS and unite our efforts on introducing chess in schools, has 5 options:

1.      You can apply ('bid') to become a CIS100 project country.

2.      If you are a federation from a ‘small’ country (population less than one million), you can apply (‘bid’) to become a CIS30 project country.

3.      If you are a ‘small’ federation (less than 2,000 members) you can apply for ‘seeding’.

4.      If you are a big federation, you don’t need free boards and sets, nor seed capital, but we can probably help you with guidance – the experience drawn from hundreds of initiatives in dozens of countries.

5.      Any federation can take advantage of promoting Student Membership to the children in your country as a simple partnership.

These options are not mutually exclusive, especially the fifth one which can and should be implemented if you are doing any of 1-4.

What is involved in these options?

1. CIS100 Projects

These involve funding of USD 45,000 per annum, to provide the materials (and pay for some administration) for 100 chess classrooms in your country. Bidding for one of these projects involves a big commitment on the part of your federation. If you are prepared for that and want to bid, then send us some explanation of why you think you would make a big success of this. You should, as a general rule, have the backing of your Ministry of Education, if only as a general expression of support. If your bid is sufficiently convincing, we will send you a route map for that long road and then we can start discussing whether (and how) you can really implement it all. The funding is in the form of a loan, to be repaid out of PSM fee income.

You decide what benefit(s) to provide your Student Members with. That is in addition to the standard elements.

2. CIS30 Projects

This is based upon the CIS100 module, but it should be possible rapidly to saturate the schools in your country. The coordination will be a great deal less onerous (although you may need to provide a lot of translation if your main language is a minority one). Funding will be in the region of USD 15,000 per annum. The funding is in the form of a loan, to be repaid out of PSM fee income.

3. Seeding

We are aware of quite a few countries with fair size populations but small membership of federations which lack the resources even to bid for a CIS100 Project. Our idea to help them is to provide them seed funding of about USD 5,000 per annum. The idea is for that seed funding to be used to promote SM & PSM within your territory. By building up the number of SMs and especially PSMs, to grow your income (and ‘presence’) to the point that you can at least manage option 5 and perhaps graduate to a CIS100 project.

4. Harmonious collaboration

The experience gathered by us at CIS (from many dozens of national federations) means that FIDE can offer you something greater than the sum of the parts. We want to work with you to grow numbers. We offer you the benefit of our (and your!) experience.

5. Simple Partnership

This is very similar to option 4, but presumes a much greater involvement by us and much less by you (so more suitable for less developed federations).

Options 1-3 will generally run for an initial term of three years. Contracts to be agreed.


Our initial partner federations are the CIS100 pilot project countries. However, we would like every single national federation to partner this initiative under option 5 above.

What are the benefits?

·         Your own dedicated space on our web server.

·         Top quality content provided at no cost to your federation.

·         FIDE’s global advertising reach, directed to your benefit.

·         A substantial increase in numbers – the take up of free membership (no cost to your federation) is expected to be very large and that will help you in your presentations to government, sponsors and the media.

·         An increase in revenue – your federation will receive the vast bulk of the income generated by PSMs – up to 90% (about 60-70% net of all costs, all of which can be under your control).

What are the obligations?

·         Appoint a reliable coordinator (more than one in the case of larger countries).

·         Keep your part of the web site updated, including translation of the materials freely provided to you if no translation is available – most of the major languages are done by us.

·         Depending upon the level of partnership (determined by number of PSMs), to manage the mailing of their Premium Packs (in order to keep costs down and maximize your revenue.

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