Moldova: FIDE project "Chess in Schools" in action
Wednesday, 27 February 2013 11:51
F7Chess Federation of Moldova and Chess Academy "Bologan" organized the second National Workshop for FIDE "Chess in Schools" on February 9, 2013 in Chisinau. It was attended by chess teachers from Rezinskiy, Comratskiy, Rybnitskiy, Kalarashskiy, Criulianskiy, Cahulskiy, Kaushanskiy, Drokievskiy, Rishkanskiy, Sinzhereiskiy, Orheievskiy, Ialovenskiy, Dubassarskiy regions and from cities Balti and Chisinau.
Moderator of the meeting Valeriu Coada (Chairman of Children and Youth Committee of the Chess Federation of Moldova) introduced teachers to the project and  features of the teaching and learning of chess in the elementary school using "Chess Game" manual developed by international grandmaster Viorel Bologan.

President of the Chess Federation of Moldova Igor Dodon welcomed the participants of the workshop. He stressed the importance of studying chess in schools and the need for spreading chess to all localities of Moldova. Sergei Bargan, General Secretary of Moldova Chess Federation, spoke about the advantages of chess and the efforts of Chess federation to widen the practice of this game.
Schools that participate in the project have received from FIDE demonstration boards and chess sets to encourage studying chess, especially in rural areas. The project will contribute to the expansion of the chess family in Moldova.



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