Key Features of the CIS Rating System
Saturday, 19 November 2011 13:34

Key Features of the CIS Rating System: [Download ]

(1) Initial Rating
between 600 and 900 based on age

player entering the CIS rating pool will immediately receive an initial rating
based on their exact current age.  A
player aged 6 years or younger will receive a rating of 600, a player aged 12
years or older will receive a rating of 900, and players with an age between
6.00 years and 12.00 years will receive a proportional rating between 600 and
900, depending on age.  Each completed
month beyond a player's 6th birthday will count for 4.167 (i.e., 50 divided by
12) extra rating points in the calculation of this initial rating, so that the
possible initial ratings are 600, 604, 608, …, 892, 896, 900.

Slovakia - PSM book promo
Wednesday, 18 April 2012 17:47
The CiS program in Slovakia involved the production of a brand new chess book for our Premium Student Members. Every PSM in Slovakia receives one of these 108 page books through the post, together with their welcome letter and ID card when they sign up. They already have immediately received their FIDE-CiS Student Rating by email.

As part of a promotion, the Slovak Federation sends out a little pack containing the cover, inside cover, title page and contents of the book:

Slovenia - CiS featured in Youth Sports magazine
Friday, 09 March 2012 09:09
sport_mladih-cis_articleThe CiS project in Slovenia was featured in the national youth sports magazine Sport Mladih.

The illustration within the article is a First Day Cover (a special envelope with special postal cancellation) for the Bled Chess Olympiad of 2002. The envelope bears the stamps that were issued to celebrate the Olympiad.

We wonder when we will see the first postage stamps celebrating chess in schools. We have come close with the issues from Guinea Bissau in 1979 and from the Grenadines in 1985 (see below - click on "read more").

The Grenadines stamp, celebrating the day of the child was rather appropriate, especially since it was issued just after the creation of the FIDE CiS - Chess in Schools Commission. 

Strangely, neither the Grenadines nor Guinea-Bissau are members of FIDE. 
Slovakia moves on TV
Saturday, 01 October 2011 17:53

Slovak TV prime time news (19:30 on 18 September) carried a two minute item on CIS in Slovakia. 

A précis/transcript (in English) is to follow. Our thanks to CIS Slovakia project leader Martin Huba for this.


The logo is that of the CIS Slovakia project and its web page is here:

Slovenia moves ahead
Friday, 26 August 2011 16:01
podpora_ministraThe first two projects using the CIS100 module of Chess in Schools start this autumn in Slovakia and Slovenia.

Slovenia moves into the lead with today's official announcement and yesterday's letter of support from the Minister of Education and Sport.

The Minister is clearly aware of the rich chess history of Slovenia, mentioning Milan Vidmar and Bruno Parma.

He is especially appreciative of FIDE's provision of material (2.500 boards and sets and 100 demo boards), because stretched educational budgets mean that he is unable to provide the equipment that he would like to.

The material for Slovenia is being financed by the FIDE President personally.

Teachers are being trained next month and the first 100 chess classrooms will open by the end of October.

Slovenia's Chess in Schools web site is at

The text of the letter follows, so you can get a Google translation to your language if you wish.
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