Moldova Report 2012-2013
Wednesday, 02 October 2013 17:22

This document provides the overview of the work made by Moldova chess federation in 2012-2013:

100 schools got demonstration boards and chess sets from FIDE. Realisation of this project contributes to widen the chess family in Moldova. In Moldova championship this year for the first time we had representatives of Edinetskiy, Chadyr-Lungskiy and Strashensky regions. 

130 chess teachers were prepared. We already got 30 more applications from different schools to participate in the project. 


4 republic-wide seminars for the preparation of school teachers were held:

05.05.2012 - 35 chess teachers were prepared

27.12.2012 - 26 chess teachers     

09.02.2013 -  37 chess teachers 

20.04.2013 - 32 chess teachers


MCF and Chess Academy 'Bologan' held in Cheshinau (02-06 June) Final Yearly Respublican Seminar for FIDE Project "Chess in schools". Best 34 teachers from 11 regions and cities Beltsy and Cheshinau took part. Best young chess playears of the country decided for the strongest on those days in individual championship. 

Moldova Chess Federation and Chess Academy 'Bologan' held 4 respublican tournaments for children under 10: 

Moldavian autumn – november 2012,

Sweet Cup – december 2012,

Chireshar -  may 2013,

Final tournament – june 2013.

In every tournament around 100 young kids participated. 
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Schools that participate in the Project got 100 demo boards and 1500 chess sets. 


Educational materials were prepared:

Methodical book: Viorel Bologan, Eugenia Kuchumova "Game of chess"

School book was published: Lidia Coada, Valeriu Coada "Chess in schools"

Chess teachers got methodical book and school book. 

Sites of Moldova chess federation and site of Chess Academy 'Bologan' widely report on development of FIDE Chess in schools Project. 

All premium members and also best young players of Moldova got school books.


Report by Valeriu Coada

Moldova: FIDE project "Chess in Schools" in action
Wednesday, 27 February 2013 11:51
F7Chess Federation of Moldova and Chess Academy "Bologan" organized the second National Workshop for FIDE "Chess in Schools" on February 9, 2013 in Chisinau. It was attended by chess teachers from Rezinskiy, Comratskiy, Rybnitskiy, Kalarashskiy, Criulianskiy, Cahulskiy, Kaushanskiy, Drokievskiy, Rishkanskiy, Sinzhereiskiy, Orheievskiy, Ialovenskiy, Dubassarskiy regions and from cities Balti and Chisinau.
Moderator of the meeting Valeriu Coada (Chairman of Children and Youth Committee of the Chess Federation of Moldova) introduced teachers to the project and  features of the teaching and learning of chess in the elementary school using "Chess Game" manual developed by international grandmaster Viorel Bologan.

Wednesday, 02 May 2012 14:05

Any federation that wants to collaborate with FIDE CIS and unite our efforts on introducing chess in schools, has 5 options:

1.      You can apply ('bid') to become a CIS100 project country.

2.      If you are a federation from a ‘small’ country (population less than one million), you can apply (‘bid’) to become a CIS30 project country.

3.      If you are a ‘small’ federation (less than 2,000 members) you can apply for ‘seeding’.

4.      If you are a big federation, you don’t need free boards and sets, nor seed capital, but we can probably help you with guidance – the experience drawn from hundreds of initiatives in dozens of countries.

5.      Any federation can take advantage of promoting Student Membership to the children in your country as a simple partnership.

These options are not mutually exclusive, especially the fifth one which can and should be implemented if you are doing any of 1-4.

What is involved in these options?

Romania's Chess in School project progress
Wednesday, 12 December 2012 00:00
Romania's Iasi is a center of country's chess in schools movement. Every year 5000 children learn chess.
In July of 2011 Iasi held European Youth chess championships, and in April-May 2012 World school chess championships took place there.
Iasi not only has chess in schools project running, but chess is also present in kindergardens and neighborhoods.
Chess in schools commission of Romanian chess federation sent us this presentation of their activities - take a look to find out more. Romania_CIS.pdf (2 Mb!)

Read more for pictures
Key Features of the CIS Rating System
Saturday, 19 November 2011 13:34

Key Features of the CIS Rating System: [Download ]

(1) Initial Rating
between 600 and 900 based on age

player entering the CIS rating pool will immediately receive an initial rating
based on their exact current age.  A
player aged 6 years or younger will receive a rating of 600, a player aged 12
years or older will receive a rating of 900, and players with an age between
6.00 years and 12.00 years will receive a proportional rating between 600 and
900, depending on age.  Each completed
month beyond a player's 6th birthday will count for 4.167 (i.e., 50 divided by
12) extra rating points in the calculation of this initial rating, so that the
possible initial ratings are 600, 604, 608, …, 892, 896, 900.

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