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Saturday, 26 November 2011 13:29
There are many organizations in the United States that work to promote chess in schools. The David MacEnulty Chess Foundation ( is one of them.

macenulty_foundation_logoThey are funding a project in Belize and we are grateful to David MacEnulty for permission to reproduce their article here. For those of you who do not recognize the name, David MacEnulty is an inspirational chess teacher whose work was the subject of the excellent movie Knights of the South Bronx. But now, further South to Belize ...

Several years ago, a chess teacher from the United States moved to Belize and, discovering that there were few activities for the children living in the poorer areas (which is almost all of Belize), established her own chess community, spanning all six provinces of Belize.


Ella Baron Anderson has been working tirelessly, organizing chess camps, teaching in schools, holding tournaments and finding transportation for the children to come to special programs featuring Grandmaster Maurice Ashley,International Master Jennifer Shahade and others.

Funding for her work is far below what is needed, but she and her colleagues continue in spite of working countless hours for no pay because they believe in the cause. To date, they have over eight hundred students in fifty chess clubs throughout Belize.


They have held more than fifty chess camps for children and coaches, with over thirteen hundred participants, and given out more than a thousand chess sets to schools and individual children. The children living in cities, jungles, and villages in all six provinces have benefited from Ella’s strong commitment.


We are very pleased to have received a four thousand dollar donation (our first!) to help Ella’s work, and look forward to a long and successful working partnership as she continues to bring the rewards and joys of chess to Belize.

Find out more about this project by visiting the Chess in Belize Blog.
[There you can see a photograph of GM Maurice Ashley in rock climbing gear! More importantly, you can see what they did in their 2011 summer camp and their schedule of events for 2011-2012]

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