India - Gujarat, Tamil Nadu & Maharashtra
Monday, 05 December 2011 09:01
We are pleased to present an outline of the most important developments in India, sent by our member Ravindra M. Dongre. 

aicf_logoIn India Chess is a very popular game and is played in many schools across the country. Also there are several Inter-School Chess Tournaments in almost every district of the country. 

However, chess was not introduced officially in the schools until two years ago, when this was first done in the state of Gujarat. Thanks to the initiative of Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, chess was introduced as a subject in schools.

It is taught twice a week in every school of Gujarat.

A training seminar was organised every weekend for 4 months in Gujarat for the teachers to learn chess and they were taught in batches how to play and teach the kids by expert trainers.

A massive simultaneous was held in Ahmedabad, capital of Gujarat, where world Champion V. Anand took part and 24000 players participated in the simultaneous. This was a Guiness Record and it was awarded to the Gujarat Chief Minister for the unique feat organised by the State of Gujarat.


Another state to introduce chess in schools is Tamil Nadu, the strongest chess playing state in the country.

A visit by the FIDE President and his meeting with chief minister J Jaylalitha was instrumental for starting up chess in schools in Chennai (formerly Madras) and the whole of Tamil Nadu.

This programme will start at the end of this year. Initially it will start in 5 districts out of the 23 districts of Tamil Nadu and the age group identified is 7 to 17 years (i.e Class II to Class XII). Classified in to:

ki_dr_j._jayalalithaa_chief_minister_of_tamil_nadu_state1. Sub Juniors – 2nd – 5th Class

2. Juniors – 6, 7 and 8th Class

3. Seniors – 9th ,10,11,12th Class

Each school will have a chess Club and one co-ordinator. The Tamil Nadu Chess Association will work with the Sports Development Authority to train the teachers. Later on, the remaining 18 districts will be added to this massive programme.

We also plan to introduce chess in schools in Maharashtra (Mumbai is the capital) and will make a detailed presentation of that next time. The second largest city of Maharashtra after Mumbai is Poona (Pune) and chess in schools has already started here (Pune-Maharashtra plan).

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