CiS Statistics (2016 update)
Thursday, 03 March 2016 10:42
We provide a breakdown of the information that we received in answer to our questionnaires of 2011-2014.

The two files describe the state of chess in schools as:

pdfA: part of the curriculum (but see also this important document), support received from various ministries (Yes/No) and whether the CiS program is tun by the national chess federation/FIDE or other.
pdfB: Total number of schools in the country, number of schools in the CiS programme, how many children are involved, the number of schoolteachers providing chess teaching, the number of chess trainers coming into the schools from outside to provide chess teaching, bourse availability and whether the federation is aware of the FIDE Student Membership programme.

All these figures are hard to verify, but we can be sure that more than 12 million children were receiving chess instruction in schools around the world in 2014.

ECU-EDU conducted a survey of the 54 member federations from summer 2015. [Details of the findings:]
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