Benefits of Chess
Saturday, 05 February 2011 12:23

Here you will find useful information on benefits of chess.

You might want to start with the short 4-page paper (O'Connell). The larger McDonald paper provides an excellent resumé of most of the English-language research done to date. McDonald's slide presentation may help you with ideas for your own presentations.

Dr Peter Dauvergne published the following paper in 2000 while at the University of Sydney. He is now Professor of Political Science and Canada Research Chair in Global Environmental Politics at the University of British Columbia. Peter has promised us a second, revised edition.
pdf Dauvergne - The Case for Chess as a Tool to Develop Our Children 6pp

pdf McDonald - Benefits of Chess in Education  104pp

pdf McDonald - Benefits of Incorporating Chess in School Curriculum 22 slide presentation

pdf  O'Connell - Educational Benefits of Chess  4pp part of FIDE submission to UNESCO in 2010

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