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Thursday, 13 August 2015 17:26
CiSLogoVerticalWe have been assembling a set of royalty-free materials that can be used for teaching chess in class (and pre-school).

These materials now form an almost complete range for any age.

We have now reorganized the access to them to make it much easier for you to find the material and to download it.

There are also other support materials, especially the FIDE Student Magazine.

Still more material of interest can be found within this Teaching Materials section, including the option to download some of this material chapter by chapter or section by section, which may be especially useful for those of you with slow internet connections.

The following items all bear the stamp of approval of the FIDE CiS Commission: Approved by the World Chess Federation's Chess in Schools Commission.

Click on Read More to access the list of materials together with their direct download links.

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Teaching Materials
Saturday, 05 February 2011 12:25

Here is a selection of the teaching materials available for download.









الهجوموالأسر( الأخذ
















الأسربالتجاوز ,بالمرور
نقلاتخاصةالميتةالفاسدة ( الباطة ) – ترقيةالجنديالتبييت


ملخص : ماالذيتستطيعأحجارالشطرنجأنتفعلهوماالذيلا

ku_tg_en-coverpdf Kulac - Teacher's Guide - Year 1
207pp - 3 mb
This is the first English translation of the book by Dr Olgun Kulaç that is used by more than 49.000 teachers in Turkish schools. It is the cornerstone of a series which includes several class books. 
It is freely available for use thanks to the Turkish Chess Federation, their main sponsor, Türkiye İş Bankası and the author, Dr Olgun Kulaç.

ku_y1_2014_en_cover pdf Kulac - Class Book Year 1
174pp - 30 mb pdf
This is the English translation.

This is the class book used by the first year students (age 6-7-8).
It is freely available for use thanks to the Turkish Chess Federation, their main sponsor, Türkiye İş Bankası and the author, Dr Olgun Kulaç.

Kulac_-_Class_2_cover_tkpdf Kulac - Class Book Year 2
159pp - 9.21mb pdf
This is the Turkish language version. An English translation will follow when the translation of Class Book Year 1 has been completed. We are also awaiting the Teacher's Guide for Year 2.

This is the class book used by the first year students (age 7-8). 


pdf O'Connell - Planet Chess

This 46-page introduction was developed primarily for teaching children the absolute basics - how the pieces move, and not much more than that. It is also used to provide a good grounding to the many schoolteachers who become involved in the chess in schools programmes but do not themselves know how to play.

You may download the complete material using the above link or chapter by chapter, using the links at the bottom of this page.

pdf Kulac - Learning & Teaching Methods (Dr Olgun Kulac)
Contents: (14pp - 141kb pdf) p1 Learning, p3 Teaching Methods, p3 presentation method, p5 discovery (exploring) method, p6 demonstration-execution method,  p8 question and answer method, p9 Chess Lesson Schedule, p11 Daily Lesson Plan, p12 Components which increase success.

pdf Glossary
A 14-page compendium of chess terms. Useful for students, teachers and parents. The above links to the English version. It is also available in Arabic, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Russian.

pdf A chess set for everyone  

This is an A4 sheet with board and pieces. You can print it out, stick it to some cardboard, then cut out the board and set (disc pieces). It could be a good project for an art class or similar. Some of you may think this is "too cheap" but I (ko) have tried it out on students here in France (the primary school kids loved it, while some 12-13 year olds, considered "difficult" were less overtly impressed, but I saw some of them using it). 

pdf Cummins - 0-1200 A Coaching Manual 
This is the work of a teacher in the West of Ireland, Ron Cummins. It has been used successfully in clubs and schools around Galway. It contains many useful ideas. It was first published in 2009. 

O'Connell - Planet Chess
 0  Welcome to Planet Chess
 1 Planet Chess and its Inhabitants
 2 The King
 3 The Rook
 4 Attack and Capture
 5 Check and Checkmate
 6 The Bishop
 7 The Queen
 8 Attack and Defence
 9 The Knight
10 The Pawn
11 Exchange Rates
12 Special Moves  (Stalemate, Pawn Promotion, Castling, en passant capture)
13 Summary - What the Chessmen Can and Cannot Do


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