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Thursday, 13 August 2015 17:26
CiSLogoVerticalWe have been assembling a set of royalty-free materials that can be used for teaching chess in class (and pre-school).

These materials now form an almost complete range for any age.

We have now reorganized the access to them to make it much easier for you to find the material and to download it.

There are also other support materials, especially the FIDE Student Magazine.

Still more material of interest can be found within this Teaching Materials section, including the option to download some of this material chapter by chapter or section by section, which may be especially useful for those of you with slow internet connections.

The following items all bear the stamp of approval of the FIDE CiS Commission: Approved by the World Chess Federation's Chess in Schools Commission.

Click on Read More to access the list of materials together with their direct download links.

We do not make any particular recommendation - you are free to choose and use them free of charge. They do, however, fall roughly into the following age categories:

4-6 Early Years Skills Program (in English, German, Italian, Spanish, with French being added soon) - see

6-7 Chess: First Year of Study - in English (23mb), in Russian (7.5mb) and accompanying workbook in English (5mb), in Russian (5mb).

7-9 Elementary Level Chess Class Book (KulaƧ) in English (30mb), in French (26mb), in Arabic (21mb) and Teacher Guide in English (3mb), in Arabic (3mb)

9+ Planet Chess (CiS) in English (6mb), in French (4mb), in Arabic (4mb), in Spanish (3mb), in Russian (3mb).

The online 'distance learning' FSCT (FIDE School Chess Teacher) Diploma course for preparing and certifying schoolteachers is now in testing (English language version). We expect that to launch on 4 September with apps for Windows PCs, Apple Mac, Windows tablets, iPad, Android tablets, iPhone (all of which are in testing) and (soon) Android smartphones. We are starting the translations to make it available in other languages - first will be Arabic and Spanish.
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