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Friday, 10 June 2011 10:34
Chess is like a Camellia - Shenzhen Fuxin Primary School

This video is from a gigantic chess country, China! Camellias are native to Shenzhen in South China, where the Fuxin Primary School prepared this video about chess in their school, their neighbourhood, their city and their country.

But why is chess like a Camellia? The most famous member of the Camellia family is the tea plant and chess, like tea, has health benefits. Chess, as praticed in this school, notably introduces friendly parent-child competition and serves to promote social harmony in the neighbourhood. [that is just the view of a Westerner after watching this 10mn video]

Yet another example of chess in schools being important as a social project, not as a factory for producing Grandmasters, although strong players will, inevitably, emerge.

Our thanks go to the Chinese Chess Federation for sharing with us this excellent material. It is very clear why international chess is making such giant strides in their country. Bravo China!

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