China - Power & Harmony from Minsheng St primary school
Thursday, 14 July 2011 13:28

We all know the importance of harmony in chess, harmonious piece placement helping to avoid bad positions and leading to good results.

Minsheng Street Primary School, Jinan is a shining example of introducing chess harmoniously into the school curriculum.

The school is quite large, but not huge, having 1000 children, but 18 of their students have taken gold or silver in national age-group competitions. Watch out for appearances by a World Youth Champion, whose alma mater this is, and also by one of the great World Champions.

But the school is achieving much more than producing the occasional world champion! Its many award-winning social activities with a chess theme are regarded as models for the whole country and, we would suggest, for the whole world.

This is a superb video with a beautiful soundtrack. 12:17mn. Made in October 2010.
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