School Year around the World
Wednesday, 25 April 2012 22:22
We are trying to build a complete list for the dates, or at least months of the school year in every country This is essential information for us to plan how best to help. If you can fill in any of the missing gaps, please let us know ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ).

Please click on "read more" to see the calendar chart.
Developments! Communication!
Sunday, 22 April 2012 09:25
There is so much going on in the world of chess in schools and so much that we could learn from each other, but how do we know what is happening? Keep us in touch with what is happening in your part of the world, especially if it might benefit others somewhere else in the world.

I have just stumbled across some interesting moves in England and France (see our Reports section) and no doubt there are many more. Let's bring them to a wider audience!
PSM Newsletters
Friday, 20 April 2012 07:47
psm004_a4-en1Premium Student Members (PSMs) get a lot for their €10 a year when they sign up (or upgrade from free Student Membership - SMs) at One part of the Premium Pack is the PSM newsletter, our magazine which contains a mixture of news, fun and instruction.

The PSM newsletter is sent by email to all PSMs fortnightly on alternate Fridays, 26 times a year. In addition, there will be at least 6 'specials' to coincide with important events in the chess world, such as the World Championships, the Olympiad and those of special interest to our members (for example the World Schools Individual Championship).

What does a PSM newsletter look like? To give you a glimpse, here is  PSM004 in a form that noone has seen before! That is because the newsletter is sent out in 9 languages. Here, we have created a 'composite' with each page in a different language (English, French, Spanish, Arabic, German, Russian, Turkish, Slovenian - in case you don't recognize them all!).

Partner federations are encouraged to use our material as a base (we don't always make an 8-page issue, sometimes we produce a 4-page core) and add to it in order to create a magazine with a very local flavour. Here you can see what our Slovak partners did with PSM006.

Read on to see those two issues:
Slovakia - PSM book promo
Wednesday, 18 April 2012 17:47
The CiS program in Slovakia involved the production of a brand new chess book for our Premium Student Members. Every PSM in Slovakia receives one of these 108 page books through the post, together with their welcome letter and ID card when they sign up. They already have immediately received their FIDE-CiS Student Rating by email.

As part of a promotion, the Slovak Federation sends out a little pack containing the cover, inside cover, title page and contents of the book:

World Schools Championship
Tuesday, 17 April 2012 15:42
The World Schools Championship, now in its 8th edition, is in Iasi, Romania. The tournament starts on 28 April and runs until 6 May. 531 children from 36 countries will be playing.

Iasi ("Yash" also known as Jassy or Iassy) is a real chess city. This year it is European City of Sport. The photo shows one of the many chess events in progress. Their many projects include: "Chess in the Kindergartens" (45 kindergartens, 2500 children), "Chess in Schools" (25 schools, another 2500 children), "Chess in neighbourhoods”  (500 chess enthusiasts get together twice a year in local neighbourhoods), ...

You can visit the tournament web site:
and you can read more here:
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