The world of chess in schools is on fire
Saturday, 26 November 2011 12:00
The chess in schools snowball is rolling. It is getting bigger by the day. Over the next week, we will be adding news of developments in (at least) Andorra, Australia, Belize, India, Kazakhstan, Laos, Nepal, Paraguay, Peru, South Africa and Uruguay, not to mention bringing you up to date with the CIS100 projects in Slovakia and Slovenia.
2nd George Koltanowski Memorial Conference - Chess and Education - Dallas
Saturday, 19 November 2011 14:06
2011_koltanowski-brochure-front_coverToday is the second and concluding day of this Conference. Yesterday, CIS members Margaret Murphy (USVI) and Professor Charles Moura Netto (BRA) gave presentations on Simultaneous Teaching of Teachers and Students, and Chess that Brings Freedom, respectively. Prof. Netto's talk elaborated on the video we presented here.

This afternoon, I will be presenting the 'Turkish Delight' and how that led to the development of FIDE Student Membership and the CIS100 Projects. You may download my two part presentation, including illustrations (Turkey - World ) or read the text (without the illustrations) below.

There have been many interesting presentations. Some were given in parallel, so I have not seen and heard them all, but I have been especially impressed by Damian Nash (How to Make Chess More Appealing to Schools and Educators), Dr Stephen Lipschultz (Brain Function and Cognitive Processes in at-risk Children), Dr Alexey Root (extracts from her forthcoming book Thinking with Chess: Teaching Children Ages 5-14), a most entertaining talk by David MacEnulty.

Perhaps the single most important presentation was that by Dr Teresa Parr. She spoke about her current research project Exploring Why Chess Works. This is a large-scale (300 children) and long-term (2-3 years) carefully implemented study with proper control groups. The research is funded by the Institute of Education Sciences, U.S. Department of Education. The funding is a massive USD 1,049,094!!

All (or most) of these articles should appear on the Conference web site soon.

Kevin O'Connell, Executive Secretary, FIDE Chess in Schools Commission

Official Statement of Chess in School Chairman
Thursday, 10 November 2011 08:45
FIDE & CIS are happy to cooperate with anyone for the good of chess

alinihatDear Friends

I heard that Mr Herman Hamers, President of Zone 1.1, sent an email to all federations in the zone, in which he mentions that during the FIDE Congress in Krakow, when I spoke there, I declared that we will not cooperate with the Kasparov Chess Foundation

This is not the whole truth, but it is a very small part of the truth, and it is taken out of context (as you can clearly see from the Congress Minutes, for example Annex 27b, which was already circulated to all Delegates attending the Congress and has been published on the Chess in Schools web site It looks like Mr Hamers has chosen to quote me out of context and has clearly changed the exact meaning, even though he was present at the Commission meeting, as well as the full Congress session. I have now seen his email, and in it Mr Hamers said "Chess in Schools chairman Ali Yazici reported that his commission will not cooperate with the Chess in Schools campaign of Kasparow and Danailov."

'Chess in School' in the educational systems of the European Union
Tuesday, 01 November 2011 21:09

eu_parliamentIf you live in the EU, you have just over three months to get enough of your MEPs (Members of the European Parliament) signed up in order for the declaration the introduction of the program 'Chess in School' in the educational systems of the European Union to be officially accepted. That means that you need 391 signatures from the 780 MEPs in  total. If we succeed, then the EU Commissions will start to work on the project. So, start lobbying your MEPs. Don't know who they are? They are listed here. And here is the letter sent out in connection with this by the ECU President, Silvio Danailov.

Ali Nihat Yazici, Chairman, FIDE Chess in Schools Commission 

Chess in Schools in Russia
Tuesday, 01 November 2011 06:30
flag_russiaA few weeks ago, we reported the Conference in Satka and were awaiting a translation of the Russian text of the Conference report. Thanks to Anastasia Karlovich, we now have the English version and it is worthy of a separate news item. Here it is, revealing some important ideas and initiatives:

Resolution of the International scientific-practical conference "Actual problems of teaching the discipline "Chess" in schools and kindergartens throughout Russia and other countries in the world"

Russia, Chelyabinsk region, Satka, 15-18 August 2011

In recent years many countries have responded to the challenges of modernizing the educational system. A key objective of this modernization is to find, test and integrate into the educational process such disciplines which contribute to the intellectual development of the younger generation. Extensive experience in many countries shows that chess can be one of those subjects. It is no accident that Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, who is supporting the initiative "Our new school", included the fifth component “intellect” into his concept of four "I" (institutions, investment, infrastructure and innovation).

Thanks to the systematic work done by FIDE and its President Kirsan Nikolayevich Ilyumzhinov, the number of countries, which have integrated chess into the education system, increases every year.

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