The "Specialized chess classroom in Moldova" Project is opened
Friday, 28 October 2011 11:12

IMG_6859_lToday we publish a fantastic report from Europe, Moldova. GM Victor Bologan has taken an initiative and created a project for Moldova Chess in Schools. Ministers, local authorities and many children were present for the Opening Ceremony. The Project is under FIDE support, and in 2012, a FIDE CIS100 will be launched in Moldova.

(big pictorial report - GM Victor Bologan)

Edited by Ali Nihat YAZICI

Chess In Schools in Israel - A progress report
Friday, 28 October 2011 11:09


Mr. Kirsan Ilyumzhinov
FIDE President

Chess In Schools in Israel - A progress report

Dear Mr. President,

Since your visit to Israel and your very important and crucial meeting in Jerusalem on December 19th 2010 with Mr. Shoshani the Director General of the Israeli Ministry of Education a substantial progress has been done in the project that has become one of the priority projects of the Israel Chess Federation.

82nd FIDE Congress & Executive Board
Sunday, 23 October 2011 10:34
82nd_fide_congress_logoThe report(s) to the Congress, other submissions and the minutes are available:

Annex 27 Chairman's report (pre Congress)

Annex 27a Chairman's report to Commission meeting during congress (CIS100 is bon - it's twins!)

Annex 27b Minutes of Commission meeting

Annex 27c - Russian State Social University proposal (Degree in Physical Culture, chess specialization)

Annex 27d - Proposal for School Chess Olympiad Festival

Annex 27e - Commission's submission to Executive Board
Thursday, 20 October 2011 16:46

jimmy_izijk_left_ian_wilkinson_centre_smallJimmy Izijk, President & Secretary of the Curacao Chess Academy, pictured (left) with Ian Wilkinson (centre), sent news about the Academy and its goals.

The current goal of the Curacao Chess Academy is to gradually introduce chess in our primary schools which have a total of 11.600 children. We have the ‘advantage’ that we are a small island with only 51 primary schools. We have calculated that about 34 chess instructors will be sufficient enough for all of our schools. We are trying to convince the government to start with some test-schools next year.

WGM Liu Shilan on development of chess in schools in Shenzhen
Wednesday, 12 October 2011 15:04
In June we added the excellent video Chess is like a Camellia to our video section here. Liu Shilan featured in that video, which was mainly about Fuxin primary school. During the recent Women's Grand Prix tournament in Shenzhen, Nastia Karlovich interviewed Liu Shilan, and this is what the 9-time national women's champion had to say:

Chess in schools has a long history in Shenzhen. It got under way thanks largely to the work of Liu Shilan, a Chinese female chess player and holder of the WGM title, which she received in 1982. She is also nine-time China National Women's Champion. During the Women’s Grand Prix in Shenzhen she explained (our thanks to Nastia for this report) the development of the chess in schools program there.

shenzhen 05 liu shilan-kirsan at the board during middle school visitIn 1992 I moved to Shenzhen and there were only three kids who were interested in playing chess. People didn’t know anything about chess, so I personally approached the head of every school and every kindergarten, asking them to include chess lessons in their school programme, trying to convince them at least to try it. I was a deputy of the parliament in Shenzhen at the moment, so of course this status and my chess successes helped to open doors for me to speak with people and encourage them. They trusted me and nowadays we have 163 schools which have chess lessons.

               Liu Shilan-Kirsan Ilyumzhinov

more excellent photos adorn the text that follows. 

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