Irish Primary Schools Girls League Finals 2011
Saturday, 14 May 2011 20:04

Irish Primary Schools Girls League Finals 2011


There are 2 Nationwide Schools chess leagues running in Ireland; CheckMate and ChessZ. Both are run for Primary schools and Secondary schools - 4 in total.

CheckMate was started in 1998, and ChessZ (mine) in c2005. Both were run as private enterprises and in competition with each other.

Two years ago the CheckMate organisers decided to stop running theirs, John Alfred makes they run both now.

Last Year 330 teams took part, and this year 270. (down because of the recession and budget cuts in schools) (Report by John Alfred)

TV - Smile Jamaica 2011
Saturday, 14 May 2011 20:34

Here is a link to an interview, Ian Wilkinson, the President of Jamaican Chess Federation, did with "TV Jamaica" (TVJ), the most popular tv station in Jamaica.
The end is really "special" and involves  hundreds of students (who took part in a scholastic tournament we staged) expressing their love for chess.

The video provided by Ian, and FIDE will start special chess in school project of Jamaica in 2012.

Thanks to our President of Jamaican Chess Federation. Enjoy it!
Chess is a Medicine for Antiaging
Friday, 06 May 2011 07:26
Those important material contributed by Mr.Leonxto Garcia, famous chess journalist. Material describes the researches of neurology, proving how chess is used for antiaging. in 21st Century, human life will be longer. This will create a lot of health expenses on the budget of governments, dealing with aging problem. Old people, will need cure. Those researches show how chess is useful to deal with those problems. People, who knows how to play chess, will use their brain more efficiently, and they will be able to care themselves.

Here is the research, our thanks go to Mr.Garcia...

pdf Relation of Cognitive activity to risk of developing Alzheimer (Wilson's neurology)
American Academy of Neurology, 28 May 2008. R.S.Wilson (PhD); P.A.Scherr (PhD, ScD), J.A.Schnedier (MD), Y.Tang (PhD), P.A.Bennett (MD)

Mind Games May Trump Alzheimer's Study Cites Effects of Chess, Bridge

The Washington Post, Shankar Vedentam, 19 June 2003

pdf Knight's move thinking? Mild Cognitive impairment in a chess player (Neurocase)
H.A.Archer, J.M.Schott, J.Barnes, N.C.Fox, J.L.Holton, T.Revesz, L.Cipoletti, M.N.Rosser  26 Fabruary 2008

pdf Echec à Alzheimer (French!)

Par Leontxo Garcia

7th World School Individual Championship - Krakow
Sunday, 01 May 2011 10:17

 FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov makes the first move. 
More on the official web  site at:
Chess and the school curriculum
Saturday, 30 April 2011 11:41
Root_-_People__Places_AmazonChess sometimes has its own place in the curriculum. Sometimes, since "échecs et maths" began in Quebec in the 1970s-1980s, it appears in the curriculum through other subjects.

In the last few years WIM Dr Alexey Root, a Senior Lecturer for The University of Texas at Dallas, has been working on introducing chess throughout the curriculum. She has produced specific ideas for use in classes teaching Geography, History, Language, Mathematics, Reading, Science, Writing ...

Amazon have a "Look Inside" facility so that you can read some of the content of each of her books. Here are the links:

I suggest that you start with Children & Chess: A Guide for Educators since this gives an excellent overview. Then move on to the others, perhaps in the order of publication: Science, Math, Checkmate (2008), Read, Write, Checkmate (2009) and People, Places, Checkmates (2010). There is also a book The Living Chess Game: Fine Arts Activities for Kids 9-14.

We are also aware of Leah Martin-Dagher's work - see Classroom Chess: The Primary Teacher's Handbook.

If you know of other work in this area, please contact us with details.
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