New Delhi Conference
Dimanche, 08 Septembre 2019 11:28
icecInternational Chess-in-Education (ICEC) Conference

07-08 September 2019

New Delhi

There is excellent coveregae of the conference by ChessBase India. The article begins 
A major way to make chess popular in the country is to introduce it in schools. The Chess in Schools (CIS) project has been one of AICF's priority for many years. However, there has not been an appropriate strategy taken by the national chess federation to roll out the CIS program for the entire nation. With the International Chess in Education Conference (ICEC) held in Delhi on 7th and 8th of September, AICF would like to change this situation. Apart from some of the most well known trainers of the country and state secretaries being present, two Armenian maestros Smbat Lputian and Vahan Sargsyan were also invited.

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EDU around South America
Jeudi, 22 Août 2019 21:21
guayaquilEDU Councillor Leontxo Garcia accompanied FIDE President on a tour of South American countries, promoting CiS/EDU, visiting Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Chile & Argetina.

(see &

EDU Councillor Uvencio Blanco gave presentations at two conferences in South America: Guayaquil, Ecuador - 28 July (Women's empowerment in chess and its impact on education) and Parana, Brasil (1st International Chess Researchers Meeting) - 13-14 August. See below for details.

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New Delhi Conference
Dimanche, 18 Août 2019 17:19
aicflogoInternational Chess-in-Education (ICEC) Conference

07-08 September 2019

New Delhi

Chess is growing at a phenomenal speed and this is purely due to school children taking up the game. To augment this process, it becomes necessary that schools are guided to have chess in its curricula.

The benefits of teaching chess is well-known to the world. Chess, by its nature, helps students to think independently, and thereby arousing their perception of life situations more calmly and more logical thinking.

It is with purpose the All India Chess Federation announces its International Chess in Education Conference (ICEC) to be held at New Delhi on 07-08 September, 2019.

The schedule for the seminar is as under:

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Chess an obligatory subject in Russian schools
Jeudi, 15 Août 2019 11:00
olga cb 82139Starting September 1st, all Russian first graders will study chess for at least 33 hours per year. Chess replaces the third period of physical education class, which many parents and teachers felt was excessive in any case.

The Russian Minister of Education, Olga Vasilyeva, said:

I am convinced that we should play chess at school. It is difficult to argue against statistics, and at home and abroad, children playing chess have better academic performance on the order of 35-40%. Engagement with the chess helps the children with mental development.

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School Instructor seminar Asunción, Paraguay
Lundi, 08 Juillet 2019 11:23
curso paraguay aficheThe FIDE School Instructor seminar in Asunción, Paraguay was a huge success.

Following the introduction of a law last year, establishing chess as a pedagogical support activity in schools ( there was a huge need to train teachers to provide that support.

That is why so many - 49 - attended  this seminar (see photo below with the Lecturers front row centre).

EDU member Bernardo Roselli was main Lecturer, assisted by Esteban Jaureguizar whose presentation of Early Years Skills was especially appreciated.

curso paraguay todos
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