CiS Workshop in Baku
Mardi, 23 Août 2016 11:17
63 teamworkCHESS IN SCHOOLS WORKSHOP   8 September – Crystal  Hall - 15:30-18:30

Registration is required (venue security reasons). If you missed the registration deadline, you should still be able to gain access with your Olympiad accreditation badge.

This will provide you an opportunity, among other things, to find out about FIDE's Chess in Schools programme for preparing teachers and the free support materials that we provide.

Read on for more details...

School Instructor (SI) title

- for teachers of children in primary or secondary level education.

- tuition is currently provided in local seminars. Successful candidates receive the title of School Instructor.

- the course covers the basics of chess teaching with a special emphasis on pedagogical, psychological and social aspects.

- find out how to find out where seminars are being organized and even how to organize one!

FIDE School Chess Leader (FSCL) diploma

- this is designed to enable a teacher (FSCL) to support a group of chess teachers.

- tuition is provided by an online distance learning course using the WizIQ platform which is accessible by PC, Mac, tablets and smartphones (both Apple and Android).

- successful candidates, who pass the examination, receive the FSCL diploma.

Early Years Skills (EYS) certificate

- for teachers of kindergarten and young primary school children

- the EYS programme uses carefully structured game activities, played out by the children themselves on a giant chessboard, to introduce basic skills and, in due course the chess pieces.

- the curriculum and guidance (via 53 videos) is provided by our dedicated web site

- complete 'how to' details and step-by-step guidance is available in an ebook manual.

Teaching & Support Materials

- we provide several courses and many support materials, both for teachers and for children.

- these materials are generally in ebook form, free for download, mostly from our dedicated web site

- most materials are available in English, French and Arabic. Many are also available in Spanish, Chinese, Dutch, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian...
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