Geneva - Neva Foundation
Jeudi, 26 Mai 2016 09:26
photo 01Organized by the Neva Foundation, 1200 children took part in the 2nd edition of the schools tournament "Tous aux Echecs"* (All to Chess or maybe All for Chess) on 19 May in Geneva.

The Foundation has introduced chess into 52 schools in and around Geneva. 52 classes, with their teachers and carers, came from those schools to play a five round tournament (see the PDF, in French, for more information and names of the winners). The event needed a huge space and the city made available the main pavillion of the sports centre Bout-du-Monde.

In attendance was former world champion Vladimir Kramnik who was a big hit with the children, as you can see from the photos. A nice touch was that the children selected to play against Kramnik were not picked on the basis of their tournament result, but by a drawing of lots.

"To see the enthusiasm that this tournament arouses in these pupils is our best reward" Delphine Duchosal, Director of the Neva Foundation.

*NB. This "Tous aux Echecs" is not to be confused with the organization "Tous aux Echecs" founded as a joint venture between the French Chess Federation and BNP Paribas in 2008 in Montreuil (outskirts of Paris) which introduces chess to children, often outside the classroom and puts an emphasis on the inter-generational possibilities inherent in the game.
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ECU EDU Commission Survey on CiS 2015/16
Mardi, 03 Mai 2016 17:39
201605-intitial-findings-activity-picThe Education Commission of the European Chess Union (ECU) was established in 2014.  Our role is to develop and promote chess as part of children’s education. We seek to make a strong and successful programme in each member country by sharing knowledge and resources and encouraging international co-operation. We contribute to public discussion and lobby for chess. We must support our arguments with evidence. Ultimately, we seek to obtain quantitative data on the number of schools offering chess and the number of children learning chess in each country. This will enable us to measure progress and report developments to the federations and educational funding bodies.                                                

We decided to conduct a survey of the 54 member federations from summer 2015. The purpose is to gather information about the situation in each country. Basic information about the federations was also gathered to provide some context. This is the first time that the ECU has conducted a survey (FIDE has conducted several surveys previously) and we have learned a great deal from the process.

[Details of the findings:]

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CiS Conference - Warsaw 20 May
Mercredi, 27 Avril 2016 15:11
"Education through Chess in School"
warsaw education

The project "Education through Chess in School" is organized and guided by Polish Chess Federation in cooperation with the provincial chess unions and local authorities. It is addressed to primary schools for pupils from classes I-III. Key partners for Polish Chess Federation include Ministry of National Education and Ministry of Sport & Tourism. 

[You can download the conference programme here.]

The idea to introduce chess in schools as an effective form of supporting education was founded in Polish chess environment many years ago. The direct stimulus for the start of implementation came from the European Parliament in 2012 when declaration calling on all member states of the European Union to introduce education of chess in educational settings was signed. 

The project grew out of the need to increase primary mathematical skills. Playing chess improves logical and analytical thinking, problem solving skills, development of spatial orientation, concentration and many others. Through chess we try to support intellectual, social and emotional development of children. Due to the expected positive impact on children's education process, as well as providing teachers innovative and efficient tools for daily work with students project gained acceptance by the Minister of National Education. 

Polish Chess Federation has developed a coherent program of teaching chess in primary schools: 

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Armenia CiS Conference 2016
Lundi, 18 Avril 2016 14:26
2016 0930-10.03 Tsaghkadzor, Armenia. Theoretical and Practical Issues of Chess Education in Schools.

Chess Academy of Armenia and Ministry of Education and Science of Armenia, cooperating with FIDE, Armenian Chess Federation, and Armenian State Pedagogical University are organizing an International Conference, entitled “Theoretical and Practical Issues of Chess Education in Schools”. The Conference is to take place on 30 September (arrival day) – 3 October (departure day), 2016, at “Russia hotel”, in Tsaghkadzor, Republic of Armenia.  

chess academy of armenia logoThe main topics of the Conference are the following:

·         Chess Education and Personality Development

·         Socio-psychological issues of Chess Education

·         Chess Teachers’ Training and Professional Development 

·         Technological and Methodological Aspects of Chess Education 

·         Chess and Inclusive Education Practices

The detailed information about the Conference and the Conference official website will be available soon. 
Conférence CiS au Parlement Européen
Mercredi, 24 Février 2016 12:11

Une conférence sur le jeu d'échecs à l'école, organisée par l'European Chess Union (ECU) s'est tenue au Parlement Européen dans l'après-midi du 24 février dernier:

Des intervenants venus de toute l'Europe ont témoigné du développement de cette discipline sous l'égide de la Parlementaire Européenne Claudia Tapardel, duPrésident de l'ECU Azmaiparashvili, du Président de la Commission scolaire de l'ECU Jesper Hall & de la GMI Judit Polgar.

On reconnaissait dans le public des Parlementaires, le Président de la Commission CiS de la FIDE Kevin O'Connell et des membres et des conseillers de la Commission Education de l'ECU et de la Commission CiS de la FIDE.

Après plusieurs présentations, le temps des récompenses arrivait. Le Président de l'ECU remettait cinq récompenses : à Ana Claudia Tapardel parlementaire européenne roumaine et à Silvia Costa parlementaire européenne italiene, ainsi que M. Sorin Iacoban, Président de la Fédération Roumaine des Echecs et Membre du Parlement roumain. Enfin, Judit Polgar et la Fondation Garry Kasparov étaient distingués pour leur contribution au développement du jeu d'échecs à l'école comme discipline scolaire en Europe.

Le Président de la Commission CiS de la FIDE remettait ensuite la médaille d'or de la Commission à Ana Claudia Tapardel et à M.Irakli Rekhviashvili de la Banque de Géorgie pour leur contribution au développement du jeu d'échecs à l'école.

Mme Tapardel a été décisive dans l'organisation de ce séminaire sur les lieux mêmes où l'importante déclaration écrite 50/211 (qui appelle la Commission Européenne et les Etats Membres à encourager le développement du jeu d'échecs à l'école - texte complet ici*) a été signée par 415 Parlementaires le 13 mars 2012. Mme Tapardel est membre de plusieurs Comités au Parlement Européen, dont le très important Comité des Budgets. (pp24-25)

2477-tapardel logo-400x400 
 Claudia Tapardel, députée européenne  Le Président de l'ECU, le GMI Zurab Azmaiparashvili

La Banque de Géorgie est un important sponsor des échecs à l'école en Géorgie et de l'ECU. SOn aide de 10000 euros a donné une ampleur inédite à la conférence, si elle n'en a pas tout simplement permis la tenue. 

Vous pouvez voir cette conférence sur le site de Chessdom : (programme -approximatif !- ci-dessous). 
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