Romanian Universities teach chess
27.03.2018 11:00
Chess emerges in Romania’s educational system

Following the two Education Ministry Decrees in 2014 for chess in schools introduction and the numerous sessions for preparing teachers on how to teach chess supported by the Romanian Chess Federation, there is an increasing interest among sports students to specialize in chess.

 Chess taught in Romanian Universities

  • The National Sports University (UNEFS) in Bucharest, founded in 1922 is one of the few universities in the world exclusively dedicated to sports matters. UNEFS has been awarded with Erasmus Universities Charte and with “A” degree according to the European Union classification.

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The chess course for the 3rd year bachelor studies was started in 2014. The classes were held by GM Mihail Marin who was completing his PhD in sports and was the first Invited Professor to teach chess. In the present, the classes are held by Teodora Velea (Vasile), ELO 2000 curently, who graduated in economics and is now completing her PhD licence in sports with a chess theme.

There are about 120 students attending this compulsory matter of 7 sessions of seminaries in Romanian and French. The course is completed with a written exam. The curriculum comprises all chess aspects, from laws of chess, tactics, to openings and endings.

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GM Mihail Marin

                       Teodora Velea

  • The Sports College of the “Lower Danube” University in the city of Galati

On the Danube’s shore, the city of Galati together with the neighbor city of Braila (only 15 km away) form the second largest metropolitan area in the country with around 500,000 inhabitants.

The University has 9200 students and comprises 15 faculties.

Starting with the 2017-2018 school year, 135 students are attending chess classes in the first study year. Courses are held by Prof. Univ. PhD. Ing. Lucian Oprea, who is a Candidate Master and a big chess enthusiast.

Additionally, the Sports College is organizing a 2 year chess study module for primary and secondary school teachers for professional conversion, thus enabling them to graduate as sports teachers with chess specialty.  
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 “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University in Iasi (

Founded in 1860, with more than 23,000 students, one of the largest universities in Romania is preparing to start chess courses in the Sports College from the 2018-2019 study year.

Romanian Chess Federation Vice-President and Board member for many years, Mr. Vasile Manole, FIDE Master, Prof. Univ. PhD. Ing., will lead this project.

Iasi has a long and important chess tradition in Romanian, the Chess County Association and Politehnica Iasi club led by Messrs. Vasile Manole, Vladimir Danilov and Vlad Ungureanu (member of FIDE CIS Commission) developed tremendous chess in schools in all the

region and the past editions of FIDE World Schools Championships hosted by the city of Iasi have

registered record of participation as number of players and federations.  

The kick-off of this long term plan on introducing chess in educational system was the “Education through chess” conference hosted by the Romanian Academy in 2013 ( in Romanian) 

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