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Chess for Economic and Social Development in Africa
09.05.2018 16:35
viangMichel Nguele Viang, President of the Cameroon Chess Federation has produced an interesting brochure (in French) - à la découverte du jeu d'échecs - which is intended primarily for the francophone countries in Africa. It is available as a free download (896kb) here.

Michel takes the unusual and important angle of concentrating on the value of chess, especially in schools, as a tool for the economic and social development of the African continent.

Le présent mémo a été écrit à l’intention des décideurs nationaux et continentaux africains des organisations publiques, afin de leur montrer le caractère stratégique du jeu d’échecs comme outil efficace d’aide au développement économique et social du continent.

It is on pp15-17 that he draws on the work of Lynn and Vanhanen, IQ and the Wealth of Nations (2002) to demonstrate the gap to be bridged across Africa. The rest of the brochure is largely about how this might be done.
Romanian Universities teach chess
27.03.2018 11:00
Chess emerges in Romania’s educational system

Following the two Education Ministry Decrees in 2014 for chess in schools introduction and the numerous sessions for preparing teachers on how to teach chess supported by the Romanian Chess Federation, there is an increasing interest among sports students to specialize in chess.

 Chess taught in Romanian Universities

  • The National Sports University (UNEFS) in Bucharest, founded in 1922 is one of the few universities in the world exclusively dedicated to sports matters. UNEFS has been awarded with Erasmus Universities Charte and with “A” degree according to the European Union classification.

pic1 pic2  & the old website:


Turkey's Sighted Hands project for visually impaired children
20.03.2018 16:39

Chess will light up the world of visually impaired children in Turkey. With the new project called “Sighted Hands Project” (Gören Eller Projesi), chess classes will be opened in each school for the visually impaired.

Turkish Chess Federation (TSF) and Ministry of National Education, General Directorate of Special Education and Guidance Services launched “Sighted Hands Project” with the sponsorship of Turkiye Is Bankasi.    

The project started with a protocol signed between TSF and Ministry of National Education, General Directorate of Special Education and Guidance Services.
CASTLE - An Erasmus+ Good Practice success
01.03.2018 20:15

The Erasmus+ Agency has announced the final evaluation of the CASTLE project (2014-2017): 100 points out of 100 possible. The project has been designated as an example of good practice (“You can find inspiration from the pool of good practices and success stories, i.e. projects that distinguished themselves in terms of policy relevance, communication potential, impact or design.”)on the EU Commission site:

It is the first time that a project based entirely on the pedagogical use of chess gets this recognition.
Ajedrez una herramienta para la educación y la salud
01.03.2018 10:28
Nos complace anunciar que la edición en español ya está disponible para su descarga como folleto en PDF (12.3mb).

Este es la primera edición que se traduce al español. Ya existieron dos versiones anteriores en inglés: Our Global Future publicada en 2012, con una segunda edición en 2014.

Además también próximamente habrá una versión en francés.

En esta nueva edición, esperamos divulgar en toda la comunidad hispana los beneficios a nivel educativos, de salud, así como la utilización del ajedrez en diferentes ámbitos sociales y terapéuticos.

Esperamos que sirva como carta de presentación, no solamente para los aficionados, docentes y profesores, sino también para toda la comunidad que quiera conocer los trabajos que se están llevando a cabo con el ajedrez como herramienta educativa y de socialización.

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