FIDE School Instructor
31.07.2016 19:25
The FIDE School Instructor title was introduced by the General Assembly in Istanbul 2012. It was subsequently reformulated.

The list of title holders (164 as at 2016.12) can be found here.

The full list at 2017.12 is about 249 (approximate figure because some payments are awaited and some titles have yet to be confirmed)

The list of accredited Lecturers for SI seminars is here.

Results of individual seminars are as follows:
2015 Agadir, Morocco
2015 Porto Carras, Greece
2015 Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
2016 Geneva, Switzerland
2016 Cap Aurora, Romania

The following titles were approved by Athens PB and certificates have been sent out:
2016 Tirana, Albania
2016 Marrakech, Morocco

The following titles were approved by Goynuk EB and certificates have been sent out:
2017 Corrientes, Argentina
2017 Online 1, internet
2017 Buenos Aires, Argentina

The following titles were approved by Minsk PB and certificates have been sent out:
2017 Online 2, internet
2017 Agadir, Morocco (unfortunately this seminar was cancelled)
2017 Benidorm, Spain
2018 Lima, Peru & internet
2018 Online 3, internet

The following titles were approved by Bucharest PB - title certificates will be sent after missing FIDE IDs have been received
2018 Madrid, Spain
2018 Fuerteventura, Spain
2018 Alicante, Spain
2018 Llucmajor, Spain
2018 Livingstone, Zambia (unfortunately the seminar was cancelled)
2018 Albacete, Spain

The following titles were approved by Batumi GA:
2018 Online 4, internet
2018 Sfax, Tunisia
2018 Cannes, France
2018 Batumi Georgia

The following titles were approved by EDU Council (2019 02)
2018 Online 5, internet
2018 Madrid, Spain 19-21 October
2018 Santiago de Compostela, Spain 6-9 November was cancelled
2018 Online 6, internet
2018 Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
2018 Santa Maria de Jetiba, Brasil 14-16 December was postponed
2019 Online 7, internet

Turkey's Primary School Chess Class Curriculum
25.06.2015 16:06
We have translated this important document from Turkish.
You can download it here.
Turkey - Kocaeli projectTSF
10.06.2015 11:44
kocaeliKocaeli is a province about 100km East of Istanbul. The capital is Izmit (Kocaeli) which has about 20% of the total population of 1,500,000.

The Turkish Chess Federation signed a protocol in 2012 with the Municipality and Directorate of Education in Kocaeli.

Now, when children start primary school, they receive a chessboard, chess set and chess book. 

To date, about 100,000 gift packs have been presented.

The TSF have used in the past the slogan 'every house a sports centre.' That is coming to pass in Kocaeli, at least every house with a child in it.

Important Social Aspects
16.10.2014 10:21
Important Social Aspects of Chess in Schools

malmsten2It is easy to overlook the social aspects of our chess in schools projects, but we should not. It is typical for members and leaders of chess federations around the world to focus on competitive chess aspects. Since all chess officials have played at some competitive level, however high or low, it is quite natural to think in terms of chess competition involving ‘winners’ and ‘losers.’ That is not ideal in the educational and social context, and there is another way.

The alternate path still has chess competitions but they are much more social in nature. Göran Malmsten in Sweden was a pioneer. Starting in the 1960s, he gradually built up a system combining a chess competition with important aspects of social development. Instead of the familiar 1-1/2-0 (win-draw-loss) scoring system, so ingrained in chess players, he developed 3-2-1. There is another very important part to the system, but first an important subtlety. We should not present this as win-draw-loss, but as one point for taking part, an extra point for a drawn game and two extra points for winning a game. That can make all the difference to a child’s view (and even that of adults) of the chess ‘competition.’ Then we have the ‘coup de grâce’ or, perhaps more appropriately, the ‘coup de Coeur.’

According to the percentage of players from a class, a club, a school, or any other group (according to the entries to a competition), so that is the percentage points to which they are entitled (based on their ‘raw’ score).
Cеминары для учителей в Ливане
02.12.2013 22:08
seminarleb-dscn4080За последние несколько месяцев три семинара были проведены в Бейруте, Монт Либане и области Бекаа.

В общей сложности 43 учителя (41 ливанских и 2 палестинских) получили сертификаты Ливан НСИ (Национальная школа инструкторов). Церемония награждения состоялась в рамках церемонии закрытия на чемпионате Ливана.

Отрадно, что распределению этих сертификатов помогали чиновники из Министерства образования.

Тренеры, которые дали семинары были ФТ Роланд Акрасс (Президент Ливанского комитета CIS и вице-президент Ливанской Федерации) и ФТ и ММ Фади Ид.

Наш благодарность Роланду Акрассу за фотографии, которые появляются ниже, показывая семинары, а также некоторые из вручений на церемонии награждения.

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