Ирландия- Гигантская партия в шахматы в начальной школе
24.06.2015 19:06
scoil ideРасположенная в городе Лимерикна западе Ирландии, Скойл-Иде - является самой большой начальной школой в городе, в которой учатся более 800 детей.

Каждый год на протяжении вот уже последних 13 лет, школа проводит внутренний Шахматный турнир. В этом году в турнире приняли участие более 200 учеников, которые поставили рекорд по проведению внутришкольных турниров в стране.

Интересно, сколько начальных школ по всему миру могут побить этот рекорд, согласно которому в турниру приняло участие 25% учащихся школы. А вы-что вы знаете или слышали о подобных турнирах в мире?

Особую благодарность выражаем Джону Альфреду, благодаря которому нам стал доступен этот иллюстрированный отчет о проведенном турнире , который вы можете загрузить по этой ссылке download here.
Geneva, Switzerland - 'Everybody Play Chess!'
25.06.2015 11:19

chess neva-8-300px
Nothing like receiving your prizes and diplomas from a World Champion - Alexandra Kosteniuk (Women's World Champion 2008-2010) and Vladimir Kramnik (World Champion 2006-2007)
The Neva Foundation organised on the 11th and 12th of June in Geneva the final of the Interscholastic tournament Tous aux Echecs

56 Geneva students met during a round-robin tournament of 8 teams, all qualified from a qualification tournament that started in schools in May.

After a long day of games played in a festive and passionate atmosphere, the team of Trembley eventually won the coveted trophy.

You can read more below and, if you understand French, there are two very nice short videos:
Poland - Education through Chess in School - Warsaw Final
24.06.2015 18:38
asc 4131-300pxThe Final Tournament of the national project "Education through Chess in School"

On 20th June 2015 at the National Stadium in Warsaw was held the II Final Tournament of the national project "Education through Chess in School". The project is implemented in classes I-III of the primary schools through Polish Chess Federation with the support of the Ministry of Sport and Tourism, Ministry of Education and local authorities. The competition was the summary of this year's edition of the project and were attended by 356 children from 71 teams representing 62 schools from across Poland.

The European Parliament.took high patronage of the competition. Polish Chess Federation partners in this project were the Ministry of Sport and Tourism, Ministry of Education, the Mayor of Warsaw, the mBank Foundation and Mazowieckie Railways.
Romania - CiS developments
24.06.2015 18:00
cupa moldoveiOur national coordinator for Romania is Vlad Ungureanu and he sent us this report.

During the winter, working with the Ministry of Education, we prepared more than 1300 teachers and we hope to reach 3000 teachers this year. Our team is not so big but we try to do many good things. Every day I have 120 calls from all over the country!

We provided 3000 chess sets, demo boards and official books, initially for 500 schools.

The photo above is from the Moldova Cup.
Turkey - Kocaeli projectTSF
10.06.2015 11:44
kocaeliKocaeli is a province about 100km East of Istanbul. The capital is Izmit (Kocaeli) which has about 20% of the total population of 1,500,000.

The Turkish Chess Federation signed a protocol in 2012 with the Municipality and Directorate of Education in Kocaeli.

Now, when children start primary school, they receive a chessboard, chess set and chess book. 

To date, about 100,000 gift packs have been presented.

The TSF have used in the past the slogan 'every house a sports centre.' That is coming to pass in Kocaeli, at least every house with a child in it.

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